3 Things Most People Don’t Understand About SEO in Singapore

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Online marketing Singapore is becoming more complicated every day. On a daily basis potential customers search for services and products online and companies would want customers to see their websites before they see their competitors. Whether you are used to or you are new to search engine optimization, below are three things you may not be aware of.


Besides Google, There are Other Search Engines

Most people would agree that Google is the leading web search engine and therefore widely used globally. However, other search engines are also used by individuals searching for content on the internet. The boldest of these Google competitors is Bing whose search traffic is growing rapidly. Bing also powers Yahoo search engine. YouTube is touted as the second largest search engine globally after Google. Others are Vimeo, DuckDuckGo, Amazon, Quora, AOL.com, etc. It is, therefore, important to consider these engines and optimize your content to suit your target market as per your set online objectives.


Bigger Brands do not Have to Work as Much as You

Google is known to favor larger sites. When a small beverage company is competing with Coca-Cola which is a household name and a large brand, Google will generally prefer Coca-Cola over the small company in search rankings. This is because Google like any other business endeavors to offer the best user experience. At digital marketing Singapore, we know it is vital for small companies/startups to customize their brand name to capitalize on gaining a reputation that will propel them upwards in search engines results. Alternative, unique, keywords can be used to promote your brand. Running ads can also help your site to appear at the top of SERPs (search engine results pages).


Content marketing is very competitive

Professionally written content, as well as internal links and images, are important in SEO marketing. Because content is king, you need consistent good quality content, rich media including video and steadily acquiring backlinks to increase your ranking in SERP. Investing in a web design service company can help you customize your website and create catchy headlines that will pull attention. Checking your competitors’ website can also give you ideas on how to build a better one for your company. Online sites like BuzzSumo allow you to analyze content on sites, rank them and track new content. Implementing the results that you get from these sites will help you to monitor site content by user or topic accurately and without breaking a sweat.


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