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What is SEM?

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is the process of gaining traffic by purchasing ads on search engines and employing strategies and methodologies to direct increased internet traffic towards a site and therefore improve sales opportunities. A search marketing strategy will allow you to connect with consumers who have clearly expressed a specific need that your product or service can meet.

What are the Benefits of SEM?

Search Engine Marketing provides you many benefits, allowing you to reach beyond the limits of offline marketing techniques. When you choose MediaOne Business Group to develop a internet marketing strategy for your needs, you get the advantages of:

  • Exposure
    With Search Engine Marketing (SEM), companies are able to get qualified leads, exposure and branding by leveraging on search engines that are widely used all around the world. It can help your business tap into new markets. With strong online exposure you can turn your online users into your customers
  • Exact Targeting
    SEM lets you tag your website to keywords related to your business. This helps to filter and direct internet users who are interested in your product or services to maximize sales opportunities.
  • Scalable Results
    SEM lets you immediately determine the number of conversions you have made, whether into online leads or sales, as well as how much revenue your SEM has achieved, and the overall ROI.
  • Right target audiences
    SEM lets you tag your website to keywords related to your business. This helps to filter and direct internet users who are interested in your product or services.
  • Pay per Click
    SEM is cost efficient for your business as you pay only when user clicks on your ads. We have the search engine marketing expertise to provide clients with professional SEM campaign management.

Why Choose MediaOne Business Group?

MediaOne Business Group develops SEM campaigns that are efficient, innovative, and measurable. We are committed to providing the best possible SEM services for clients from all business industry. Our SEM experts has made us to fully refine our techniques and processes, so that we can offer you:

  • Productivity
    By providing a series of keywords, it enables companies to accomplish more SEM in relatively lesser time, a clearer workflow process.
  • Performance
    We focus on performance first. We require strong understanding of client’s business infrastructure. With strong understanding, we work to identify key objectives and opportunities. While revenue is a strong KPI, our teams seek to understand more about the overall business to determine the optimal tactics for search campaigns’ executions.
  • Holistic view
    Instead of looking SEM individually, we look into other marketing solutions that are acquired by companies to generate the greatest return. We are all out to understand clients’ objectives, target audiences, marketing initiatives to create full-scaled campaigns, achieving better results.


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“Working with Rueben and the MediaOne team had been a breeze so far! As a e-commerce store with FMCG goods, we face tough competition in traffic and sales. MediaOne’s SEM helped us rebound back effortlessly in the past few months, and now we are convinced to entrust our SEO and Facebook marketing to them. Thanks guys!

– Stella, Benlux International Pte Ltd.

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Just some of our other clients:

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Why Every Singapore Business Needs To Make Use of Google AdWords

Singapore has for long been hailed as one of the most promising markets in south East Asia, especially for business and brands that have a robust online presence. As a business or company, forget the good, old traditional advertising; nowadays, if you have no online presence then you’re destined to lose out to competitors.

Thus for a country whose 4G network is seen as one of the fastest even by global standards, plus the fact that Singapore boasts of almost 99% internet connectivity; these facts speak volumes to any enterprise looking to penetrate the market. While the terms ‘digital marketing’ and ‘Search engine marketing’ are general, this article seeks to delve straight into the bottom-line; Google AdWords. You’ve probably come across this term, but probably thought ah, that’s for IT guys, or that’s too technical for me to comprehend! But hold it there…

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Google AdWords is hard stuff, it’s for IT geeks!

What are Google AdWords, and how do they work?

Now, all websites are equal; but some websites are more equal than others. In other words, it’s not enough to have a nicely designed business website, one that meets all the search engine requirements. There are thousands, if not more, of similar websites. How do you stand out, how do you emerge at the top of major engines like Google when people do their searches? Google has an advertising mechanism that relies on a set of keywords. Basically, you pay a small fee to Google, and your site gets top ranking for a given duration of time. Each time a visitor searches a subject like “Best pizza in Singapore”, there are bound to be hundreds of sites that will pop up. Google AdWords gives you wings to soar above everyone else and sit pretty at the top of the search engine. Your business site appears as a clickable ad on the search results page, complete with fancy, catchy images and details. For every $$ you spend on Google Ad words, you’re assured of great returns (caveat: provided you get an Google Partner who really knows the in’s and out’s) to your business whether its in CBD, Bukit Batok, Tampines or Sembawang.

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Do I need to be an expert in digital marketing, where would I need to start?

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Google AdWords gives you wings to soar above everyone else and place ads on top of the search engine.
I’m sure this question is lingering somewhere in your mind, right? After all, the concept of digital marketing still has to be embraced fully by most businesses in Singapore, especially the small upcoming ones. But clearly, you do not need to be an IT geek in order to make the most out of Google AdWords. As long as you have internet connection and a small budget, here’s what you’ll need to do;

  1. Create login details; visit the Google Ad Words page, you’ll be prompted to create login details. A valid email address and password is what you’ll need first and foremost. If you already have a Gmail account, you can use the same login details. You’ll also be asked to include your business site’s URL link.

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Pick a Geographic location;

how to pick a geographical location in google adwords for singapore

Google allows you to market your brand globally but in our case, we need to target and narrow in on the Singaporean market. The beauty of it is that you have settings to alter the language you want to use, or even mention the very specific location you are in. Think of Orchard Road, Chinatown, or wherever your business is located; you can choose multiple locations that you wish your marketing campaign to target.

You’ll need a budget

how much should I budget for google adwords

The good news here is that you only pay when your ad gets clicked on. Thus, decide or come up with a budget of what you wish to spend daily on Google. There’s a section for ‘Bidding and budget’ in the ‘Campaign’ settings. Start with a small budget, even $5 a day is a good place to start, and then you increase that gradually with time.


Create a catchy ad

how do i create a catchy ad for adwords

Writing a catching ad for your Google ad is tricky but this is the most crucial part. Your ad should stand out, it should entice, captivate, and convince any Singaporean doing their search to click and find out more about your brand. The ad should summarize what the visitor should expect from your brand. Use terms like superb services, professional staff, delicious meals, tasty snacks, experienced staff, and so on so forth. It’s not enough to speak of ‘designer clothes for sale in Singapore’; speak of ‘buy designer clothes in Singapore’.

Keywords are King

how do I get the best keywords for my google ads

Always try to use your keywords in the ad’s text as they greatly increase your chances of being ranked top. It’s not enough to use ‘fresh juice’ as your keywords; speak of ‘fresh passion juice, fresh mango juice’, etc. It pays to be specific; visitors will like it that way more. You see, with the above keywords, anyone looking to buy or rent a wedding gown in Singapore will instantly be directed to your Ad. Don’t worry yourself sick trying to pick the right keywords; you can always edit and change these later via your login details. There are many types of ad match types such as [exact], “phrase match”, +modified +broad +match, broad match and negative keywords which can help you to strongly filter out the frivolous or curious clicks that costs you money. Speak to MediaOne, a Singapore Google Partner on how to create profitable adwords campaigns.

Billing information

how do I get billed for my google ads

This is the last step towards activating your account and once done, you’re good to go. Considering that you’re paying Google, you’ll have several payment options to pick. You can opt for post pay which includes MasterCard, Visa, or debit cards that have a Visa logo. If you have a PayPal account, you’ll need to have linked it with a MasterCard. The payment process is easy and straightforward and once completed, you’ll get a congratulations message.

Your Google AdWords campaign is now live and you can sit back and watch! With time, you’ll be able to determine the impact of the campaign to your online marketing efforts, and see what adjustments need to be done. In a country like Singapore where businesses are increasingly struggling to target specific segments of the market, this kind of marketing is a gold mine if done correct.

Quick Dos and Don’ts

  • Google AdWords are effective, tried and tested, and very recommendable. However, this is not to say that it’s easy or a walk in the park. You’ll need to be patient, and have a long term strategy for your marketing efforts.
  • Always feel Ok to start small; even a budget of between SGD 5 and SGD 50 is worth triggering much traffic to your website/ brand. The last thing you want is to pump in thousands of $$$ without first taking time to observe whether the returns are reflecting back.
  • Using AdWords to market and promote your brand in Singapore is just one effort, not the ultimate effort. In other words, you’ll need a multi faceted marketing approach that embraces the use Google AdWords, a robust and well-designed website, and use of social media to target more audiences, and so on so forth.
  • In light of the above, there are times you may consider seeking the services of a digital marketer, or a search engine marketer. Such experts have the skills and ability craft ideal online marketing strategies and all the means to get more traffic and more clicks to your brand.
  • Google AdWords as an SEM tool will work best when combined with all the other tools available. When visitors click on your ad, won’t they want to visit your website or brand’s page to learn more? If they leave comments and queries on your social media pages, won’t you be required to respond promptly and frequently? Such is the nature of online advertizing; it’s always intertwined and may at times call for a helping hand.


Make use of Google AdWords today, and see your business soar up; it’s the smart way to realize the full potential of your business.

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