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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization is the process where a professional SEO Singapore firm uses their methodologies to perform quality on-page and off-page optimization to improve a website visibility in search engine results without the use of paid ads such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, etc. Search Engine Optimization had been one of the marketing methods that offers the best ROI for every business. We are also one of the market leader in the Search Engine Optimization industry where we are managing SEO campaigns for more than 500+ active clients locally and internationally.

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Why choose us as your preferred SEO Company?

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Our SEO Approach

Our drive and expertise for delivering results has enabled us to develop proven strategies that are appropriate for all businesses and in turn we have grown to be one of Singapore’s most trusted SEO Companies. Our SEO methodologies are proven effective, ISO-Certified and designed to adapt to a fast-changing digital landscape. Our dedication to quality is never compromised. This is why we are successful in providing all our clients with excellent ROI.


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Choose THE SEO Agency Which Has PROVEN Methodologies

We are probably the ONLY SEO company which can boast of being Awarded ISO-Certification, BizSafe, Top SEO and Most Promising Brands awards.

While many SEO companies have only a handful of inexperienced staff (who outsource key work to India) and have only been in business for a few years, MediaOne has a staff strength of 22 including SEO technical experts, programmers, designers and professional content editors serving hundreds of Singapore and international corporations for the past 10 years.

Do not take a chance on just any SEO agency that charges you a low price, makes you amazing promises of fabulous rankings within a few short months but refuses to tell you how they do it – then runs off when your site gets penalized from their unethical spam-link building techniques.


Actual Client Ranking:

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Trust an experienced and 10-Year established SEO Expert like MediaOne that:

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Actual Client Ranking:

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Actual ranking of just one of our clients: BMC (source:


Some Of Our 500+ Clients:

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Don’t Take It From Us – Hear From Our Clients!


We are probably the ONLY SEO company which has all these accreditations AND MORE!

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Before you call other SEO agencies, CALL US! Get the SEO Consultancy that can:

  1. INCREASE LEADS to your website
  2. GENERATE MORE SALES from the new generation buyer who prefers the Internet over other media
  3. IMPROVE ROI which is critically important in this economy
  4. GET NEW SOURCES OF INCOME by pushing new products and penetrating new markets
  5. PULL IN BUSINESS from local and international clientele
  6. REDUCE EXPENDITURE on costly advertising such as print advertising and PPC
  7. GET LOCAL SEO EXPOSURE in directories, Google Places and more!

Using our SEO services, some of our clients have even saved of thousands of dollars on print advertising because they are enjoying so many leads from online sources.


Here is a client we scored 72/98 keywords for in a few short months. All ethically done. No secret sauce. Just a lot of site error fixing, server enhancements, page optimisations, rich optimised content, strategic internal and external link profile improvements. We are probably THE ONLY AGENCY who takes the trouble and gets this done right. The result: A LOT OF VISIBILITY + HIGH VOLUME NATURAL TRAFFIC + GREATLY IMPROVED INCOME and HUGE SAVINGS IN OTHER ADVERTISING. And we are talking $XXX,XXX annually.



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If you are still hesitant to take action. DON’T.

  • The longer you wait, the harder it is to climb to the top as you can be sure your competitor is already using SEO agencies to cement a permanent spot above you (possibly using our powerful and robust work)
  • It takes a few months to get ranked up – the longer you delay the longer it will take for you to be seen as THE INDUSTRY LEADER with your glorious top ranks
  • Get local SEO done so that clients can find you in Google My Places and find you when they are close by
  • There is no need to put it off because with our consultancy – WE DO ALL THE WORK – including proposing all that needs to be done, optimizing your website, building rich links, giving you regular reports. You just sit back, relax and watch your ranks and PROFITS grow!


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We have SEO packages for all Singapore businesses from the entrepreneur, the SME to the MNC.

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