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The Importance of a Mobile Responsive Web Design

With the prevalence of mobile usage, it’s just practical for businesses to design their sites with mobile-friendliness in mind. In fact, Google has released a number of algorithm updates in lieu of an online phenomenon called “Mobilegeddon.” This trend describes exactly how most customers and internet users would get savvier by browsing online information with the use of mobile devices. If you’d like to know whether your site is generally mobile-friendly enough, you can validate it through our Mobile Friendly Test.

What does Mobile Responsive Web Design mean?

A mobile responsive web design talks about a site’s ability to adjust its screen settings, depending on the devices by which it is being accessed. With Mobilegeddon, various types of gadgets translate to different screen sizes. This just also means your website must be agile enough to be readable, regardless of the screen formats by which it gets visited. Simply put, a desktop based visitor must be able to see the same types of content which an iPhone viewer can see, from the same website.

Why is it important to be responsive?


It is necessary to seek the expertise of a mobile responsive expert in Singapore, since your site’s user experience is crucial. An online shop’s goal is to lessen its bounce rate and to make this happen, its web designer must have the ability to engage its visitors with delightful content designs. A responsive site also leads to easier navigation.

Mobile responsiveness and your business

Your website serves as your business’s representation throughout the web. It can thus be envisioned as your virtual shop or office. If you own an online retailing business, it’s all the more necessary to have a mobile responsive web design. As you speak with a mobile responsive professional in Singapore, you’ll also need to check on the options which are available for your site’s screen settings to adjust upon.

A few display sizes would follow the format of a desktop, mobile phone and tablet. It would also be practical to check on which significant numbers of customers would have the biggest percentage of viewing your site from a phone or tablet. With the ease, convenience and lesser bounce rate which your site can offer, you will most likely retain a meaningful set of transactions with your customers.


How do you choose a developer for mobile responsiveness?

While there are a lot of developers who can readily provide you with a mobile responsive web design, MediaOne tries to fully understands your core business. This way, we can also give you helpful suggestions on how your site’s design can further adjust depending on the type of gadget by which the your business is being accessed.

To achieve uniformity and convenience, you will need a mobile responsive web design for your business. Retain and attract your potential followers, by seeing how your website flexibly adjusts to various screen sizes today.

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