We have been working with MediaOne for a while now and it has been a fulfilling journey - our website was developed smoothly with accordance to our requirements thanks to the Web Development team. We just embarked on our SEO campaign on the completed site, and our rankings are significantly improving! Looking forward to the final results. Thank you Jeffrey and team!
Krishna Bagaria
"Although our contract with MediaOne just started so there aren't keywords in Page 1 yet, but we believe we will see the great results by their team in this upcoming 6 months. Right now, I can see my rankings gradually climb up from their 24/7 SEO Tracking & Monitoring System!
They also displayed fantastic customer service, replied my questions quickly and explained technicalities in detail to resolve your doubts."
Lin Hsin Ju
Business Owner
Chiica Gift Shop
MediaOne is one of the most reputable SEO specialists in the industry which provides genuine advice to businesses. Sebastian is driven and responsive. We are glad to work with a SEO team that coordinates systematically. They definitely have the competitive rates which SMEs like Ministry of Piano could consider.
Peishan Cai
Business Development Manager
Ministry of Piano
MediaOne are the top few digital media companies out there in the market. The digital media consultants and coordinators are very knowledgeable, efficient and determined to help their clients. Staff at MediaOne are highly responsive to queries. There will always be a point of contact every time i have any questions on my website development project or SEO campaign with them. DOUBLE THUMBS UP TO MediaOne!
Alex Ong
Mojo Massage
"I engaged MediaOne for both SEO and Mobile Responsive enhancement services, as they were highly recommended by Homegym.sg. Jeffrey and his team are very friendly, approachable and replied to my queries prompty. They were patient listeners who cleared all my doubts with confidence. They impressed me by working doubly hard and going the extra mile to meet customer expectations.

It was truly a pleasant experience as they even offered to meet at my convenience, not to push for sales but to ensure that the project is carried out smoothly, progressing by my requirements. They are outstanding in service and value-for-money in quality of work! They are a Gold Mine in their expertise and I will not hesitate to recommend MediaOne to anyone who is looking for SEO and Web Development services. Thank you!"
Fuad Asbullah
Executive Manager
Our partnership over the years with MediaOne have been a success. All our digital media project and campaigns (Website development & SEO service) are well taken care by MediaOne. We had achieve around 70% of the keywords on the previous SEO campaign with them. Renewal with them was an easy decision!
Raymond Boo
Boon Keng Huat Interior Service (Classic Door)
We had a hard time trying to market ourselves in the competitive interior design industry. While we were planning our next marketing campaign, MediaOne and its consultants reached out to us with a dual targeting plan. Combining both SEO and SEM enabled us to be cost-effective in gaining both brand awareness and quality leads. Thank you MediaOne!
Steven Young
Marketing Director
Y-Axis Interior Design Pte Ltd
MediaOne's team is highly professional and knowledgeable, educating and aiding our company on the process of SERP. With their meticulous attitude, they made sure that our goals are aligned closely, which ultimately helped us gain an additional competitive advantage in the market.
Chris Cheng
MediaOne is the complete Digital Media company. I have left my website revamp project + SEO & SEM campaign in the best hands of MediaOne. Staff at MediaOne are extremely friendly, highly efficient and always on the ball. They are very responsible and helpful in our adventurous partnership.
Tan Eng Hock
Wah Mee Silk Screen
Working with Tom and the team at MediaOne has been a wonderful experience. We achieved a higher ranking within weeks and not months of starting our SEO process and have seen a distinct jump in enquiries. The methods used to achieve this was future looking and relevant, with a focus on white hat links and keeping abreast of the latest developments with google. I would strongly recommend them for your SEO and SEM needs!
Richardo Chua
Group Managing Director
Adrenalin Group Pte Ltd
Our students are all very internet-savvy to the point that they do not read news, they do not look at print ads, they don’t even watch TV anymore so scoring on the Internet space is nothing short of crucial for us. Luckily MediaOne helped us to rank up many important keywords in Page 1 and Page 2. To say that we are pleased is an understatement!
Our industry is pretty niched so at first we were not concerned about Google rankings. However we realised that with rankings came some respect so we went ahead with it.

MediaOne gave us dozens of very good keywords and we found that there are many enquiries per week which converted into sales – some from unexpected sources like new clients who just set up shop in Singapore. Thanks guys!
IT Manager
Rhinovo Pte Ltd
MediaOne not only gave my site a refreshing makeover, their SEO methods helped me in ranking popular keywords which enabled me to stand out amongst competitors!

Thanks to Elvin and team for being ever patient with my queries, I would definitely recommend MediaOne if you are looking to establish your online presence.
Mr. Tan
Business Owner
Cleano Services
Wow! 249 Ranked Keywords – THANK YOU for making me the TOP
make-up and grooming academy in Singapore. People told me once that having good rankings can make or break a business – I now I can see clearly that its 100% TRUE!
New Creative Academy
The guys at MediaOne are spectacularly smart. They realised that its hard to score for keywords in the women’s fashion space so they used loads of content, links and promo to get people excited about our site.

Today we get about 1000+ visitors per day and enjoy an income of about $150,000 per year so we can just focus on putting up new clothes and apparel and take care of clients.
Business Owner
Wonderstellar Pte Ltd
Just started so although I don’t have keywords in Page 1 yet I must say that its exciting to watch my rankings gradually climb week by week. I have seen black hat stuff which dance up and down like crazy for other sites so I can definitely say MediaOne does the white hat stuff.
Marketing Manager
Multiops Management Pte Ltd
For my kind of business online visits are our bread and butter. Imagine my surprise when the guys (MediaOne) managed to get some very hot keywords up for me – so now I have regular gigs from sporadic ones a year ago.
Business Owner
Selfiebox Pte Ltd
I approached MediaOne Business Group to help me with this brand reselling site: Boostnames (dot) com. Its main market is the USA and it was getting hammered in the ridiculously competitive Google.com SERPs space. Only 4 paltry keywords were ranked. Now the site has been ranked up for 1,800 keywords via very powerful links and high quality content campaigns.

As the owner of dozens of websites which got destroyed by Google updates because I was trying different SEOs, I finally found an SEO provider which understood my need for a reliable white hat service that will grow and sustain my business and livelihood. To my surprise, after testing for so many highly reputable SEOs in the USA and Europe - the one that worked the best is based in Singapore!
Thomas Kuek
Boostnames (dot) com
The account manager and web programmers are of great help and constantly strive to provide better service.
Their timely advice and prompt follow through are hallmarks of a great team! Thank you!
Jeremy Koh
AQ Dance
Thank you to the team who gave our website revamp project such great support and service! We now have both an aesthetically pleasing and mobile responsive site. They also managed to fulfill our requirements of inputting Mandarin into our site, which enables us to reach our target market better. Kudos to the fantastic customer service!
Erica Lye
Associate - Global Brand Team
Luzerne Pte Ltd

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